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Rescued Puppy “King” Is Doing Fantastic With The Ward’s – GARLAND COUNTY

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox


UPDATE: “King” – The Rescued Pup


Dani Ward and King early in the process.

Dani & John Ward of Garland County (Ward’s Crawfish Hole on Crystal Hill Road) rescued this near death puppy from the side of the road one night this summer.
King had serious medical issues when he was found. The Ward’s got him to the vet and brought him back to health. King has even attended training classes!

John, Dani & King Ward striking a pose with the Veterinarian that fixed King’s medical problems.

The Ward’s have posted progress pics and info about King’s recovery on their Facebook Pages and LOTS of people have taken interest in the story. It was cool to meet King tonight and I’m happy to be able to show everybody the newest pic of King all healthy and happy.
King was adopted by the Wards and they are all living happily ever after !

King in his new, natural habitat.

King and his new associates guarding the palace.

King was an an unloved puppy with no name that had been abandoned and was near death…until the Ward’s rescued him.

King, 10/23/2020, seeing Arkansas 911 News for the first time.