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Press Release: Mt. Pine Fire Department Breaks From City – MOUNTAIN PINE

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Press Release – MOUNTAIN PINE RURAL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT (Firefighter Justin Kistner)

Mountain Pine FD No Longer Part Of The City

Chief Jack Wilson Jr. of the Mtn. Pine Rural Volunteer Fire Department formerly the Mtn. Pine City Fire Department is pleased to announce that as of this past Monday, March 26th, 2018, our fire department is now a rural fire department.

This announcement comes after a long period of confusion among the department, the City of Mountain Pine, and the community.

According to Chief Wilson the department is no longer under the jurisdiction of the city. Therefore, all grants, donations, fire dues, other finances, equipment, and personnel are now under the direct control of the fire department itself.

Chief Wilson has been working very hard getting the equipment and personel needed to better serve the citizens of Mtn. Pine and the surrounding areas within our district.

Futher more, Chief Wilson wants the citizens of Mtn. Pine to know that this decsion will by no means affect the department’s dedication to the protection and fire services to the City of Mountain Pine.