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Please Help this 70 West FD Volunteer Fireman – PEARCY

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This VOLUNTEER Hero needs a truck to replace the one that got totaled in this rollover crash yesterday in Pearcy.  Raymond is a very active member of the 70 West Fire Department.  Not having a pick-up truck severely cramps his ability to earn income AND puts a stop to his responding to 911 events within the community.

He helps people everyday and has for years – as a VOLUNTEER.  I’ve never seen so many cars pull over to assist with clean-up efforts at a crash scene.  His community loves him.  I hope everybody can pull together and get him into a newer, safer vehicle.

I’m going to take $250 and open an account at a local bank this week.  A vehicle that will work should only run a few thousand dollars – PLEASE HELP!  I’ll make a post on Facebook this week when I have all the particulars.


Arkansas State Police Corporal Oseguera investigated a single vehicle rollover, injury crash on Highway 70 West near Brunswick Trail yesterday.

Evidence at the scene shows that the Ford Truck was heading west and departed the right side of the pavement with at least 1 wheel locked in a skid.  The truck traveled a short distance, struck a small embankment and rolled over coming to final rest on it’s roof – partially crushing the cab.

70 West Fire Troops responded quickly and took care of 1 of their own.  They assisted with patient care and took charge of traffic control.

LifeNet checked out the patient at the scene, but did not transport.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery took charge of and transported the vehicle from the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 40 minutes.