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Piney Fire Troops Save Trailer House – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Troops led by PFD Chief McDorman were dispatched yesterday to a grass fire at a residence last month with structures possibly in danger.  The first fire truck to arrive on scene was the brush truck.  That crew rolled up to what was actually a fully involved, detached-shop fire with vehicles and a lived-in trailer house in immediate danger.

Chief McDorman & his Fire Troops pumped that brush truck for all it was worth as other fire trucks were en route.  They were able to hold the flames back from taking the trailer house until back-up arrived.  Once the other firefighters made it on scene, the fire was brought under control rather quickly.

During the course of the fire, several explosions took place.  I also observed magnesium burning while firefighters were battling the blaze.  Brilliant, blinding, white….”missile sparks”, shoot from the fire when water hits the burning metal. Chief McDorman said that to find magnesium components among automobiles and auto parts is common.  Wheels and engine parts can contain the potentially volatile metal.

The shop that was on fire was a total loss.  Several items and pieces of outdoor/yard gear was destroyed.  The porch on the trailer house was damaged by fire.

No injuries were reported in connection to this fire that I am aware of.