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Piney FD Saves Structures From Destruction – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Troops responded to the call from a paper delivery lady around 3:20AM yesterday on Erwin Street for a fully involved structure fire.

Piney Fire Chief Miser and at least 1 of his fire trucks were already on scene and putting water on the fire when I arrived at the scene.  At least 3 small structures, a couple of hauling trailers and a camper were fully involved.  Electricity was still hooked to the house and it could be heard popping as the fire ate it’s way through the property and towards other residences, RVs and other vehicles.  I saw what looked like “fire tornados” sprouting up between the burning structures, although they didn’t seem to show up in the pics.  It was a very hot fire.

Several Piney Fire Trucks showed up in short order, as well as many Piney Fire Troops.

While the structures that did catch fire and were fully involved prior to the arrival of the Piney Fire Trucks were a total loss, I have no doubt that Piney Fire Troops saved the adjacent properties form certain destruction because they were next in line for the flames.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was quick to respond and assist as necessary.  After several attempts by all the deputies to get a hold of a tiny, shivering (about 35º outside) Chihuahua dog, Deputy Morgan was finally able to pick it up and get it to safety.  Fire, smoke, broken glass, fast moving firepeople carrying gear…that dog needed to be taken to safety and he was able to get it done.

LifeNet dispatched an Ambulance Crew to the scene for standby.  I am not aware of any injuries in relation to this fire scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for at least 3 hours in this area.