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Piney FD Saves House On Iroquois Road – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Troops were dispatched to the call for a structure fire Tuesday at the intersection of Iroquois Road at Travois Road.

The fire destroyed a work shed type of building.  The fire had spread throughout the structure and the tall column of black smoke was visible at the Garland County Detention Center when the 911 call was made from the scene.

Dawn Kaenel contacted me on Facebook and wanted to thank the Piney Fire Troops and recognize 1 Hero in particular.  Dawn says that the first PFD responder to arrive was Firefighter Michael Shaffer.  According to her, he immediately went to work with a fire extinguisher in the area where flames were making contact with an exposed propane tank.  He was able to hold the fire off the tank until his back-up fire troops arrived with trucks, hoses and all the right gear to beat this fire.

In addition to the potentially deadly situation with the propane tank, a residence was in immediate danger of catching fire.  You can see exactly how close the fire came to taking the house in the pictures provided.  The siding was melted off the house in places.

I do not know the cause of the fire.

No injuries were reported thanks to the efforts of the Piney Fire Department.