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Piney FD Saves Cat And Trailer House – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Department responded to the report of a structure fire on Ben Street last night.

I arrived a short time after piney Fire Troops began hitting the fire with water.  When I parked my vehicle, heavy smoke was coming out of windows of the home.  1 minute later, the smoke was no longer visible.  I never saw flames during this event.

Witnesses stated that the home was occupied by a wheelchair bound person at the time the fire began.  Piney Rescuers were able to quickly evacuate him from the home.

When Firefighters Charles and Martin Graf entered the home to fight the fire, they discovered a cat on the bed in the far bedroom.  Smoke filled the structure and the cat showed symptoms of serious smoke inhalation.  The Grafs removed the cat from the burning home and gave it to PFD Lieutenant Henderson.  She was able to get an oxygen mask on the cat and he perked back up.  Black soot could be seen around the cat’s nostrils.  I was told that the cat would be en route to see the veterinarian soon.

Piney FD saved the cat and the trailer house from complete destruction.

The cause of the fire was not available at the time.