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Parolees Allegedly Found With Dope On Traffic Stop; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Corporal Langley and Officer J. Ugartechea report the following:

On 07/19/19 at approximately 2350 hours, Cpl. Patrick Langley was patrolling in the 400 block of Central Avenue when he observed a white, 2 door Pontiac Solstice convertible coupe traveling northbound along Central Ave./AR-7 with a push lawnmower improperly perched on top of the vehicle’s trunk (not strapped down).  A traffic stop was conducted and both the driver, Welford Dylan West, and the passenger, Chad Cameron Jones, were checked via ACIC.

Parolee Welford Dylan West, 39, of parts unknown – found allegedly driving around with a push mower sitting on the trunk of the car and needles in his bag.

West was noted to have a valid Parole Absconder warrant (#19007382) and he was placed into custody.  West was noted to have a tan backpack in his possession.  It was noted that West had a valid search waiver on file and during a search incident to arrest, 5 hypodermic needles were located inside of the bag.  It was noted that Jones is also on parole and had a valid search waiver on file as well.  Off. Jamie Ugartechea had arrived to assist on the incident and conducted a search of Jones’ person.  During the search Off. Ugartechea located a baggy of suspected methamphetamine in a wallet that was in Jones’ rear pocket.

Parolee Chad Cameron Jones, 50, of Woodlawn Avenue in Hot Springs – allegedly riding around with a baggie of meth in his pocket.

West and Jones were both subsequently transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  The suspected methamphetamine was field tested and showed a positive indication for the presumptive identification of methamphetamine.  The baggy of suspected methamphetamine was weighed and was found to have a total weight of 0.6 grams.

Mr. West is charged with Felony Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia with a bond amount totaling $1,000. Mr. Jones is charged with Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance with a bond amount totaling $2,500. Parole holds have been placed.