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Parolee Vehicle Pursuit From Bryant To Hot Springs; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Not many details here..mug info has not been released yet.

Garland County 911 Dispatch alerted the Sheriff’s Patrol to a Bryant Police Department vehicle pursuit that was approaching Garland County on Highway 5 North last night after midnight.  GCSO Patrol Deputies and Garland County Coroner Stuart Smedley went to assist.

The exact reason for the stop is not known to me.  However, the license plate on the suspect vehicle allegedly did not return to the suspect vehicle and a piece of solid white, non-transparent material filled the driver’s window opening at the time of the stop.  Either of which, can suffice as probable cause for a stop.

GCSO 911 Dispatch alerted Hot Springs PD 911 Dispatch of the pursuit and advised that it would be entering the city limits of Hot Springs in a matter of a few minutes on Park Avenue.  Hot Springs Police Units headed that way.

The pursuit came to a voluntary stop on Park Avenue at Reid Street and a felony traffic stop was conducted with the 4 agencies all participating.  The Parolee Driver and his female passenger were both handcuffed and detained.

Bryant officers removed what appeared to be an open bottle containing an unknown liquor spirit and what appeared to be a drug use item from the suspect vehicle.

To the best of my knowledge, the Parolee will face charges stemming from the pursuit.  The female was absolutely detained, but it is unclear to me if she will be charged with a crime.


The Parolee Driver.