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Parolee Randy Turner Captured In Stolen Car Pursuit; Tazed Into Compliance – MOUNTAIN PINE

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

This whole thing started days ago in Prairie County.  Convicted Felon on Parole Randy Turner and 3 other people were wanted for breaking into homes and stealing property in Prairie and Lonoke Counties.  The other 3 suspects were arrested in Ward days ago.

A couple of days ago, Arkansas State Police Troopers, Grant County Patrol Deputies and Arkansas Department of Correction tracking dogs conducted a manhunt for Turner in the Leola/Carthage area of Grant and Dallas Counties.  He was not located.

Then, last night around 6:30PM, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department alerted Garland County Law Enforcement about a grey 2014 Ford Mustang that had been stolen from a parking lot in Mt. Ida.  Arkansas State Troopers, Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol, Arkansas Game & Fish and Arkansas State Park Rangers all headed to the Highway 270 West area.

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About 10 minutes later, ASP Trooper Wingo radioed everybody saying that the car just passed him inbound on Highway 270W in the area of Old Bear Road.  The trooper and a couple of deputies made it to the Crystal Hill Road area and lost sight of the stolen Mustang.  Approximately 2 minutes later, the trooper re-acquired the Mustang on Highway 270W at West Pine Drive.  The Mustang made a wild turn onto Mountain Pine Road and the chase was on.

The suspect drove like hell for about 2 miles before turning onto McGrew Lane.  GCSO Patrol Sgt. Kellar immediately began advising over the radio to everyone that McGrew Lane was a dead end street.  About a minute later, pursuing officers announced that the Mustang crashed through a gate and was now outbound on McGrew Lane.

The suspect got back out to Mountain Pine Road and turned right, towards Mountain Pine.  The Mustang was losing a lot of fluid after crashing into that large, wrought iron gate.  But the suspect kept on pushing it all the way to 7th Street in Mountain Pine.  The Mustang made 1 last turn onto a neighborhood street where ASP Trooper Wingo executed a proper PIT Maneuver on the fleeing sports car.

The suspect vehicle was spun approximately 90° and stopped in the middle of the street with the trooper car jammed into the side of it and the Mountain Pine Marshall Car blocking the road on the other side of it.  Plus, at least 2 AGF Trucks, 1 ARSP Truck and 3 GCSO Units were all right there on 7th Street.  The suspect, Randy Turner, 41 of Little Rock, allegedly jumped out and ran on foot towards the back of a house.

Trp. Wingo shot the suspect with the tazer gun and sent convicted felon Randy Turner on a lightning ride for however long it took to zap him back into compliance.  The parolee was handcuffed.  As officers were conducting the search of Turner, Turner went limp and passed out.  Then, he started twitching and flopping like he was having a seizure or something.  The officers at the scene began first aid and ordered up a LifeNet Ambulance Crew immediately upon seeing that.

Mountain Pine Fire & Rescue Troops were also immediately called to the scene.  They arrived very quickly and assisted the patient/prisoner until LifeNet arrived a few minutes later.

LifeNet transported the patient/prisoner to the hospital.

Approximately an hour later, Turner allegedly attempted to escape from the hospital.  Officers quickly pulled that rug out from underneath him.  It was reported to me that he spent the rest of his time in the hospital handcuffed to the bed.

After he was medically cleared, Randy Turner was transported to the Garland County Detention Center where he was processed for DWI and charged with: DWI, Felony 1st Degree Criminal Mischief x4, Fleeing On Foot, Resisting Arrest, Felony Fleeing In A Vehicle, Possession Of An Instrument Of Crime; all with a bond amount totaling $15,500.  But, he’s not going anywhere until he answers charges in White County with a bond of $2,500 and then he has zero bond holds from Lonoke County, Cabot PD and a Parole Hold from the Arkansas Board of Parole.

It wasn’t listed on the booking card when I last checked, but I imagine that the Montgomery County Sheriff may have a charge or 2 for him relating to the stolen 2014 Mustang that Mr. Turner allegedly took and totaled during tonight’s pursuit.  The buzz at the scene was that this Mustang belonged to a deputy sheriff’s wife.