Arkansas 911 News

Parolee Flees In Vehicle..Trooper PIT..Crash..Fleeing On Foot..NPS K-9; Arrest – FOUNTAIN LAKE

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Arkansas State Police Trooper Wingo was patrolling in the area of Highway 70 East near Lonsdale yesterday.  After assisting with a medical call where the LifeNet Air Crew landed in the highway to pick up a sick child, he spotted a red Chevrolet truck traveling on a public road.  The trooper stopped the truck for an alleged traffic violation.

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Trp. Wingo contacted the occupants of the vehicle and became aware that the driver, Parolee Sean Michael Dickson, 37 of Meeks Loop in Garland County, was on active parole with a search waiver on file.  That’s part of the parole deal; you want out of prison on parole, you sign a waiver saying that police can search you/your car/etc. when they make contact with you.  So, the trooper had all of Parolee Dickson’s information and was probably about to conduct a search when the red truck allegedly took off and the pursuit was on.

Parolee Sean Michael Dickson, 37 of Meeks Loop in Garland County – busted again.

The chase went up Cedar Creek Road, 10 Mile Road was mentioned, Mill Creek Road, maybe Saugey Road and Highway 128.  Trp. Wingo attempted The PIT Maneuver (Pursuit Intervention Technique) along the way, but it did not work right.  The suspect vehicle is a 4×4 truck and the body of the truck set too high for a standard PIT attempt.

When the red truck had to slow down to turn onto Highway 5 and before it could accelerate to speed again, Trp. Wingo attempted the PIT a second time with a little more “artistic enthusiasm”.  This time, the PIT was effective.  The truck spun across the center line , exited the left side of the pavement, slammed into a driveway culvert, crashed through a cattle gate/fence and came to final rest right side up and partially in a pasture.

The trooper car suffered minor front end damage and a show stopping fluid leak.

As soon as the suspect vehicle came to a stop, Parolee Dickson and Parolee Mitchell Scott Greathouse, 31 of Jetson Loop in Garland County, allegedly jumped out and ran for their lives.  They made it about 200 yards before Trp. Wingo jumped on Parolee Greathouse and showed him some more of what they teach at the academy.

Parolee Mitchell Scott Greathouse, 31 of Jetson Loop in Garland County – Busted again.

Parolee Greathouse was walked back to the scene and secured in the back of the trooper car. Arkansas State Police Units from Troop K, Troop A, the Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol, Hot Springs Police K-9 and National Park Rangers K-9 arrived quickly and swarmed the area.

NPS Rangers K-9 Team of Ranger Little and “Konyak” picked up Parolee Dickson’s track very quickly, ran to the back of the pasture, entered the woods and a very short time later, found Parolee Dickson trying to hide.  Parolee Dickson was arrested and brought back to the scene.

Fountain Lake Fire & Rescue Troops walked quickly to the scene (this all landed in their FD driveway and they were there at the time).  They took charge of fluid clean-up duties and otherwise assisted as needed.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery took charge of and removed the trooper car from the scene.  The suspect vehicle was also towed.

Parolee Dickson is charged with Felony Fleeing, Fleeing, Felony Criminal Mischief x2 and Reckless Driving with a bond amount totaling $11,500 and a Parole Hold has been placed.

Parolee Greathouse is charged with Fleeing On Foot with a bond amount of $2,500 and a Parole Hold has been placed.