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Parolee Allegedly Super Glues His Battery Victim’s Wound Closed; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Taylor Gates reports the following:

At approximately 2010 hours on 08/03/19 I, Off. Taylor Gates #117, responded to the CHI St. Vincent’s at 300 Werner St in reference to a domestic battery.  Upon arrival I made contact with the victim.  The victim advised that throughout the past two days, she had been beaten multiple times by her boyfriend, William Corey Overton.

Parolee William Corey Overton AKA Corey, 36, of East Grand Avenue in Garland County – allegedly beat his girlfriend, multiple times, for two days.

The victim stated that the first incident occurred at approximately 1600 hours on 08/02/19.  Overton and herself were at an unknown location, driving in Overton’s vehicle.  The victim said that they were in a verbal altercation, which turned physical when Overton began hitting her in the face with a closed fist.  She said that one of the hits caused a severe laceration to her forehead.  The victim advised that she and Overton then returned to their residence in the 1800 block of East Grand Avenue.  At this location, she said Overton used Super Glue to stop the bleeding from her forehead.

The victim said that she was beaten by Overton multiple times throughout the day on 08/03/19.  She could not provide exact times for each occurrence.  She said that during one of the occurrences, Overton picked up a guitar and swung it at her.  The victim said that the guitar struck her in her right shoulder, causing the guitar to break.  I observed that she had a large bruise on the back of her right shoulder.  The victim said that during two of the incidents that occurred on 08/03/19, Overton hit her in the face with enough force to cause her to lose consciousness for several minutes.  She stated that she attempted to block some of the hits with her right arm and her right hand.  I observed that the back of her right hand was swollen and bruised, and she had bruising on her right arm in the area of her bicep.

William Overton has three prior convictions for Domestic Battering in the past ten years.  The conviction dates are 07/21/2011 for Domestic Battering in the Third Degree (AM), 09/27/2012 for Domestic Battering in the Third Degree (DF), and 06/27/2013 for Domestic Battering in the Third Degree (DF).

At approximately 2239 hours on 08/03/19 I, Off. Taylor Gates #117, responded to the 1800 block of E Grand Ave.  Contact was made with William Overton.  Overton was placed into custody for Domestic Battering in the third degree (DF).  Overton was then transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.

Parolee Overton’s charge of Felony Domestic Battering In The Third Degree has a no bond hold and a parole hold was placed.