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Parolee Absconder Geurin Captured By ASP Troop K – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Arkansas State Police Corporal Oseguera was on patrol on Carpenter Dam Road yesterday afternoon when he saw Wanted Parolee Mark Joseph Geurin, 30 of Hot Springs, at the Dollar General Store near the intersection of Shady Grove Road.

Cpl. Oseguera called for back up officers, but things happen quick and troopers have to move it in order to get the job done.  Cpl. Oseguera, understanding that back up was en route, went ahead and approached Parolee Geurin with the purpose of handcuffing him immediately, since he has continually proven to be a runner in the past.  Parolee Geurin has already led troopers on 2 wild chases this year that I am aware of.  Parolee Geurin was handcuffed this time without incident.

The first vehicle pursuit, that I am aware of involving Parolee Geurin, is a chase that went from roughly McClard’s BBQ on Albert Pike Road, down Airport Road to the Bypass at Central Avenue where ASP Trooper 1st Class Margis used the PIT move to knock Parolee Geurin’s vehicle off the highway.  That arrest allegedly included a fair amount of methamphetamine being confiscated along with stolen property.  CLICK HERE for that story.  CLICK HERE to go inside the trooper car during the PIT Maneuver.

Interesting note: Approximately 3 months after this PIT/meth arrest, I saw Parolee Geurin walking out of WalMart on Albert Pike Road at 3AM with another person.  They both appeared to be under the same influence of something unholy.  So, approximately 3 months after being chased around the city (allegedly with meth and stolen property), while ON PAROLE and crashed out by the state police during the chase, this guy was out of jail and high at 3 AM….at a WalMart.  Let that sink in for a minute…..3 months; after all of that alleged criminal activity…while on parole.  He went away for only 3 months.

Maybe the powers that be can keep him in prison this time before he kills somebody in his next meth induced police chase.  My guess is that he will get his standard 3 months in jail and “Meth Springs” will get to experience his nonsense on the highway again just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season.

Parolee Mark Joseph Geurin, 30 of Hot Springs – looking at another 3 months in jail

Then, approximately 2 weeks ago, Parolee Geurin allegedly fled from troopers near the Rest Area on Highway 70 East to a driveway on Spring Street where he crashed the motorcycle he was riding and fled on foot into the woods.  A backpack containing approximately 30 grams of meth was allegedly abandoned at the motorcycle when he fled.  Officers from the Hot Springs Police Department, the Garland County Sheriff’s Department and the National Park Service Rangers spent approximately 2 hours assisting in the search for the fleeing parolee, but were not able to locate him at the time.  He has been on the run since that night.  CLICK HERE for that story.

Parolee Geurin is charged with Possession Of Meth Or Cocaine With Purpose To Deliver, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Unauthorized Use Of Another Person’s Property To Facilitate A Crime and Fleeing In A Vehicle.  His bond amounts total $250,000, but a Parole Hold has been placed and he still has time hanging on his current sentence.  So, he shouldn’t be going anywhere, but we’ll see what happens.  Maybe they’ll give him 3 months in jail again and tell him not to worry about it.