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Official Commendation: Troop A Troopers Stop Suicidal Woman – PULASKI COUNTY

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Released by the Arkansas State Police in May 2019, this story explains why two Arkansas State Troopers were nominated and received official commendations by the Director of the Arkansas State Police.



Lieutenant Darran Austin gave an overview of the nominations of Sergeant Elvis Mull and Corporal Brandon Love for Official Commendations.

Lieutenant Austin stated like many know, Arkansas is a very rural state and we have a lot of natural wonders that travel through our state and one of those is the Arkansas River, which is a beautiful river, but it is also very dangerous river. In Pulaski County, we have three extremely busy interstate bridges that cross that river. Occasionally we have people who want to jump from those bridges for the fun of it and sometimes like in this case, unfortunately, would like to jump from those bridges to end their life.  Either way it is very dangerous.

On the afternoon of December 31, 2018, Troop A Communication Center received a call of a person wanting to jump from the Interstate 430 River Bridge to end their life. In response, Sergeant Elvis Mull and Corporal Brandon Love were dispatched to the area and responded to the scene for the state police.

Sergeant Elvis Mull arrived first, and he found three vehicles parked on the shoulder of the Interstate 430 River Bridge. He also observed three people standing on the shoulder between one of the cars and the bridge railing, which at that point being on the shoulder of the rode there was not very much room between the car and the bridge railing. He immediately went to the area and began speaking with the person and as he was approaching, he overheard the female say she wanted to end her life.

Sergeant Mull is a member of the ASP Crisis Negotiation Team and has training in negotiation with people in crisis. So, he began to speak to the lady and try to talk her down. Her body language was telling him that she wanted to jump over the railing; she kept directing her attention to the railing and the river below the railing. Sergeant Mull continually tried to get her to keep her attention on him and to speak with him.

Moments later, Corporal Love arrived and approached from the other side in a direction she could not see him. After a few minutes of speaking with her, Corporal Love and Sergeant Mull were in eye to eye contact with each other. The moment the time was right Sergeant Mull gave the nod, they both rushed and were able to get control of the female, get her away from the bridge railing to safety and in a sense keep her from jumping and possibly injuring herself or ending her life. I believe they should be recognized for their actions.

Also, I would like to mention the two motorists who stopped and were doing what they could to keep her from doing this. In any case if she had decided to go and someone had grabbed her, she could have taken them over the bridge railing with her. I think in this case Sergeant Mull and Corporal Love deserve recognition for their efforts that day.

Colonel Bryant presented Official Commendations to Sergeant Elvis Mull and Corporal Brandon Love.