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OFFICIAL COMMENDATION: CID Sgt. Solves 4 Yr. Double Murder Mystery – POPE COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.


This story was published by the Arkansas State Police and tells about an Arkansas State Trooper that was awarded an Official Commendation by the Director of the Arkansas State Police.



On January 10, 2019,  the Arkansas State Police Commission held a meeting in Little Rock.  During the meeting, ASP Sergeant Joe Carter gave an overview of the nomination of Sergeant Jake Bartlett for an Official Commendation.

Sergeant Joe Carter stated on January 16, 2014, the Pope County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police responded to a camper fire on State Highway 7 north of Dover.

When the investigators arrived the bodies of two burned individuals were discovered. The two bodies were sent to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy to be performed. An investigation of the fire started but not much could be told.

The next day, January 17, 2014, three investigators traveled to the Medical Examiner’s Office for the autopsy. It was learned the two individuals had died of gunshot wounds prior to the fire. A homicide investigation was then opened.

Through the next four years several investigators with thePope County Sheriff’s Office, the Arkansas State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations Behavior Analysis Unit worked on this case. Leads, interviews and evidence were all looked at to seek justice for the two victims in this case.

As this case progressed, it was eventually handed to Special Agent Jake Bartlett and Investigator Chris Ridenhour of the Pope County Sheriff’s Office. Through tireless efforts, in this case with several suspects, Special Agent Bartlett and Pope County Investigator Ridenhour developed two main suspects in this case.

On March 12, 2018, Special Agent Jake Bartlett and Investigator Ridenhour conducted an interview with one of the main suspects. Although this individual had been interviewed on three other occasions, Special Agent Bartlett was able to get this individual to come clean on their role in the homicide.  Special Agent Bartlett and Investigator Ridenhour also convinced this individual to tell the other suspect in this case, their role as well.

This case involved thirty-four interviews that had been conducted. Through the buffet of suspects, Special Agent Bartlett was focused in on the right individuals that committed this crime. This case would not have come together without the tireless efforts and dedication of Special Agent Bartlett. Special Agent Bartlett needs to be commended for his hard work in this case.

As a result of the work he did both suspects in this case took negotiated pleas of guilty for their role in this case.

Colonel Bryant presented an Official Commendation to Sergeant Jake Bartlett.