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NPS Rangers’ Gorge Road Sobriety Checkpoint – HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK

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National Park Service Rangers met up on Gorge Road at the Sleepy Valley Road Intersection late Saturday Night in an effort to increase traffic safety awareness and stop impaired driving within their jurisdiction.

Ranger In Charge Jeff Johnson said that due to their efforts Saturday Night, NPS Rangers arrested 2 DUI’s, had 2 Marijuana Possession arrests, issued a couple of Driving While License is Suspended Citations, towed a vehicle that had no liability insurance and served at least 1 warrant.  In addition, they issued several verbal warnings to drivers and passengers for other violations including No Seat Belt Violations.

The NPS Rangers have the most elaborate and high class police checkpoint setup that I have ever seen.  They bring out an auxiliary lighting trailer, set cones out and line the lanes with little beacons that make the place look like a runway.

The entire event was very professional and polished.  Only 1 driver gave any trouble at all, until he found himself surrounded by 5 Rangers with Ranger Stock in front of him saying “now, look here”.  That was about as wild as it got.  That fella was arrested and charged with DUI.

I keep saying “DUI”, because on federal land (NPS Ranger Jurisdiction), our (Arkansas) DWI is called “DUI” and must be handled through the federal court system.

Towards the end of the event, a vehicle came through the checkpoint that looked like it had been involved in some type of wedding party or initiation ceremony or something.  It had what looked like cool whip all over it.  You see the strangest things in the Gorge at midnight!