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New Deputy Sheriffs Hit The Highway – SALINE COUNTY

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(From June 2018)


Saline County citizens should be honored to have Deputies Timothy Howard, Tre Davis and Brandon Waleszonia standing in place as newly minted members of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).

This was their day to shine.

Scores of well-wishers congratulated all 23 graduates from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) this morning at a ceremony held at Camp Robinson.

SCSO Patrol Lieutenant Jeffrey Silk was present and relayed to the newly sworn deputies, “Abide by the Golden Rule, to always treat those you are called to assist as you would wish to be treated; and just as well, treat the subjects of your calls as you would want your family to be treated and offer them the same protections you would tender to your own flesh and blood.”

State Representative Dwight Tosh (52nd District) was the Guest Speaker. With nearly four decades of law enforcement experience and a retired Captain with the Arkansas State Police, some of Mr. Tosh’s comments were, “Do not tarnish what you have accomplished by losing sight of who you are when you don your uniform. What you have chosen to do is a mission, a calling, no less, as guardians of the public safety. Do not take the tasks inherent in this noble and distinguished undertaking lightly.”

The ceremony ended by the entire 2018A-Central Class taking the solemn oath as sworn officers.

May each of these new members of Arkansas’ finest stay safe throughout their careers. To SCSO Deputies Howard, Davis and Waleszonia: Bless you for the extraordinary services you will provide and sacrifices you will make on behalf of our beloved community.

NOTE: Deputy Tre Davis finished with the highest academic average (95.6%) and was given special recognition.

Newly Certified Saline County Deputy Sheriff’s Timothy Howard, Tre Davis and Brandon Waleszonia