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Nevada Street Triple Murder Details – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Stephanie Ponzaneli

*Nevada Street crime scene CLICK HERE.

*Little Mazarn Road SWAT Operation and arrest of Mr. Lewondowski and quick HSPD Live Video Statement from the Little Mazarn Road HSPD Command Post CLICK HERE.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In response to a call at around 5:02 on December 5th, 2017, the Hot Springs Police Department headed to an address on Central Avenue to discuss a multiple homicide with an informant.

When the officers contacted the informant, that person stated that Nicholas Lewondowski had visited his residence the night before (12/04/17). When Mr.Lewondowski was at the informant’s residence, he had brought three other friends with him, which the informant knew only on first name basis.

Convicted Felon On Parole Nicholas Matthew Lewondowski – Charged With Capital Murder and Parole Violation

According to the witness, while at the informants home, the four began bickering about someone in the group stealing property from someone else in the group. Mr. Lewondowski, aggravated with his three friends, then left with them to what the informant knew to be one of the victim’s homes on Nevada street.

The next day (12/05/17), Mr. Lewondowski allegedly returned to the informant, confessed he had killed the three friends and requested help from the informant. The informant stated that he then proceeded to 208 Nevada with Mr. Lewondowski and nailed the doors to the residence shut. They then began to move vehicles that belonged to the victims to different locations. There was only one location that the informant could recall in detail, Mr. Lewondowski had moved a black car to a parking lot on Cherry Street.   Mr. Lewondowski then allegedly told the informant that he would need help disposing of the bodies, and would contact him the next day. Mr. Lewondowski also allegedly told the informant that they would just burn down the residence.

Officers went to 208 Nevada Street to conduct a welfare check at the property and upon walking around the residence, found the rear door open. Officers entered the residence and discovered three deceased people laying in pools of blood.

HSPD Detectives and SWAT Officers developed information as to Mr. Lewondowski’s wherabouts.  Mr. Lewondowski was located and arrested without incident approximately 12 hours after discovering the bodies.

Mr. Lewondowski was on supervised parole at the time of these 3 murders.  Mr. Lewondowski is being held at the Garland County Detention Center.  He is charged with Capital Murder x3 and Parole Violation.  Mr. Lewondowski is being held with no bond.

Mr. Lewondowski pled not guilty during his arraignment.