Arkansas 911 News

Mugshots (6/29/2019) – GARLAND COUNTY

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

All bookings shown here represent the ones that I have access to. It is possible for people to be booked/charged and not be in this report. This report reflects some arrests that were made in Garland County on 6/29/2019.

Angela Jo Johnson Age: 41 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 300.00 Probation Violation Bond: 10,000.00

Lakeesha Jackson Age: 39 Charges: Public Intoxication Bond: 500.00

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Steven Douglas Sternberg Age: 30 Charges: Hold For Moore County, Texas Bond: No Bond Probation Violation Bond: No Bond

Margaret Lilly McKinney Age: 49 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Angela Jean Maness Age: 36 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00 Obstructing Governmental Operations Probation Violation Bond: 10,000.00

Karen Lynn Zandi Age: 56 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Whitney Morgan McWilliams Age: 23 Charges: DWI Bond: 1,000.00

Edna Elizabeth Estell Age: 49 Charges: Careless And Prohibited Driving Bond: 500.00 Driving On A Suspended Driver’s License Bond: 250.00 Possession Of Open Container Of Alcohol In A Motor Vehicle Bond: 500.00 DWI Bond: 1,000.00

Kevin Lee Newsom Age: 54 Charges: DWI #2 Bond: 1,500.00

Clayton Threewit Age: 40 Charges: Public Intoxication

Laura Grace Meyer Age: 32 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: No Bond Fleeing On Foot Bond: 1,000.00 Theft Of Property Bond: 1,000.00

Steven Ray Breshears Age: 32 Charges: Driving On A Suspended Driver’s License Failure To Comply Bond: 2,500.00 Ficticious Tags Possession Of Methamphetamine Or Cocaine With Purpose To Deliver

Marvin Lee George, Jr. Age: 41 Charges: Contempt Of Court Bond: No Bond Public Intoxication