Arkansas 911 News

Mugshots (5/13/2019) – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

All bookings shown here represent the ones that I have access to. It is possible for people to be booked/charged and not be in this report. This report reflects some arrests that were made in Garland County on 5/13/2019.

Dennis Duane Trotter Age: 42 Charges: Forgery 2nd Degree Bond: 3,500.00 Forgery 2nd Degree x2 Bond: 7,000.00 Forgery 2nd Degree x4 Bond: 14,000.00 Hold For Other Agency Lincoln County Bond: 25,000.00 Hold For Saline County Bond: No Bond Theft Of Property Bond: 3,500.00 Theft Of Property Bond: 2,500.00

Kelli Ann Holland Age: 31 Charges: Sentenced Jail Time – 15 Days Bond: No Bond

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Phillip Chase Otwell Age: 36 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Kimberly Michelle Malott Age: 55 Charges: Hold For Other Agency

Stone Austin Jones Age: 21 Charges: Domestic Battery 3rd Degree Bond: No Bond

Wiley Christopher Travis Age: 42 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Cortez Jermain Crawford Age: 25 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Garrett Iram Burks Age: 25 Charges: Failure To Comply Bond: 2,500.00

Garrett Hepburn Age: 40 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: No Bond