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Mugshots (1/10/2019) – GARLAND COUNTY

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All Suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

All bookings shown here represent the ones that I have access to. It is possible for people to be booked/charged and not be in this report. This report reflects some arrests that were made in Garland County on 1/10/2019.

Michael Wesley Tankersley Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00 Failure To Comply Bond: 2,500.00

Brian Andrew Reynolds Age: 32 Charges: Failure To Comply Bond: 2,500.00 Theft Of Property Bond: 1,000.00

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Virginia Diane Smith Age: 30 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 2,500.00 Failure To Comply Bond: 2,500.00

James Dean Smith Age: 36 Charges: Parole Hold Bond: No Bond

Joseph Brandon Moore Age: 32 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00 Fleeing On Foot Bond: 500.00 Hold For Sebastian County

Brandon Travis Phillips Age: 29 Charges: Aggravated Assault Battery 2nd Degree Bond: 3,000.00 Criminal Mischief 1st Degree Criminal Trespass Parole Hold Bond: No Bond Public Intoxication Resisting Arrest Bond: 3,000.00

Roy Neil Perry Age: 54 Charges: Return For Court Bond: No Bond Sexual Assault In The Second Degree Bond: 25,000.00

Demetrius Tyrell Perry Age: 22 Charges: Murder First Degree Bond: 100,000.00


HSPD POLICE REPORT: On April 5,2017 at approximately 2216 hours, Hot Springs Police responded to the 600 block of Higdon Ferry Road in Hot Springs, Arkansas in reference to a single vehicle accident.  Upon arrival, officers located an unoccupied white Honda Accord, displaying Arkansas license plate 975 WZI, off the roadway with damage to the front end.  The license plate on the vehicle was registered to Keandria Haywood.  Officers noted large amounts of blood covering thedriver’s seat and blood smear on the outside ofthe driver’s door. Also, there was a handgun and spent shell casing in plain view inside the vehicle on the driver’s side floorboard and seat.  Witnesses advised that they observed a black male wearing blue jeans and a dark shirt exit the driver’s seat of the vehicle and flee the scene.  In addition, a felony amount of illegal controlled substances was located at the scene.

Approximately ten to fifteen minutes later, officers responded to the intersection of Third and Garens Street in Hot Springs in reference to a male screaming for help. Officers arrived on scene and it was determined that the male, who was later identified as Charles Hill (DOB:1984), had a single gunshot wound to the left side of his abdomen. Hill was transported to St.Vincent Medical Center in Hot Springs where he later died from the gunshot wound.

Officers were notified a short period of time later, that a male had arrived at Baptist Medical Center in Malvern, Arkansas with a gunshot wound to his right arm. The male was identified as Demetrius Perry (DOB: 1996), who advised Malvern Police that he had shot himself during an incident in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was noted that Perry’s clothing matched the description of the male who fled the accident scene on Higdon Ferry. Malvern officers advised that Perry had arrived at the medical facility with his sister, identified as Keandria Haywood (DOB: 1989) who was the owner of the vehicle from the accident on Higdon Ferry.

HSPD Detective Haynie spoke with Perry at the medical center in Malvern. Perry first indicated that he was picked up by his sister in the area of Akers Road in Hot Springs and taken to the hospital. Perry later admitted that he had lied about where he was picked up, stating that his sister actually picked him up at an apartment complex adjacent to Colton’s Steakhouse in Hot Springs, which is near the Higdon Ferry accident scene. Perry stated that he was in Hot Springs when he got into an argument with another male, later identified as the victim Charles Hill over a gun and illegal drugs. Perry admitted the incident occurred in his sister’s car, the white Honda Accord with AR LPN 975 WZI, which he had been driving the night in question. Perry stated that during the argument, the gun went off, firing a bullet through Perry’s right arm and into the victim’s left torso.

Evidence was collected at both scenes. A number of items were sent to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for testing. Based upon the collected evidence and resulting laboratory analysis, Demetrius Perry caused the death of Charles Hill under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life by inflicting a fatal gunshot wound in the course of and furtherance of a felony drug transaction.

Adrian Devonte Howell Age: 45 Charges: Aggravated Assault On A Family Or Household Member Bond: 6,250.00 Domestic Battery 3rd Degree Bond: 2,500.00 False Imprisonment First Degree Bond: 6,250.00 Parole Hold Bond: No Bond

Lawrence Edward Clayborn Age: 49 Charges: Aggravated Robbery Bond: 15,000.00 Battery 2nd Degree Bond: 2,500.00 Parole Hold Bond: No Bond Theft Of Property Bond: 2,500.00

Brenda Louise Leeper Age: 57 Charges: Fleeing On Foot Bond: 500.00 Resisting Arrest Bond: 1,000.00

Joseph Griffith Age: 33 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00 Failure To Appear Bond: 1,420.00

Tyrone Faylarium Crowder Age: 45 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: 1,000.00

Nisha Kay Baker Age: 37 Charges: Hold For ADC – 309 Inmate Bond: No Bond

Wanda Andaluz-prado Age: 48 Charges: Hold For ADC -309 Inmate Bond: No Bond

Lee Staggs Age: 69 Charges: Parole Hold Bond: No Bond

Johnathan Allen Werst Age: 26 Charges: DWI Bond: 1,000.00

Melony Michell Pardue Age: 47 Charges: Failure To Appear Bond: No Bond

Ladonna Marie Lacore Age: 34 Charges: Public Intoxication

Carl Dean Walker Age: 30 Charges: Failure To Comply With Registration And Reporting Requirements–refusal To Cooperate With Assessment Process Bond: 3,500.00 Hold For U.S. Marshals Bond: No Bond