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Mother Allegedly Tried To Kill Her Child; Attempted Capital Murder Arrest – SALINE COUNTY

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Saline County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Hutto responded to Lakeshore Drive around 7AM back in 2016 for the call of a suicide threat involving a mother that made the same threat months earlier.

Dep. Hutto arrived at the residence, went inside to a bedroom and made contact with the complainant, the suspect (Sommer Hyatt) and the 10 year old male son of the suspect.  The juvenile victim was asleep, laying in the fetal position on the bed next to his mother, who allegedly appeared pale in color, lethargic and slow to respond verbally when spoken to.

Sommer Hyatt, 35 of Saline County – charged with Attempted Capital Murder after allegedly giving her 10 yr. old son Xanax pills.

The complainant advised the deputy that Ms. Hyatt admitted to ingesting approximately 50 Xanax pills before laying down.  The deputy allegedly located 2 pill bottles on the nightstand next to the bed.  Out of the 120 pills that were supposed to be in the bottles, approximately 8 pills remained.  Dep. Hutto called for emergency medical help.

East End Fire/Rescue and MEMS EMS arrived.  It was determined that the the juvenile victim was possibly under the influence of Xanax.  The MEMS Ambulance Crew ordered a second ambulance to the scene.

At this point, Dep. Hutto declared the house a crime scene, the patients were loaded up, transported to the hospital by ambulance, the house was evacuated and SCSO Detectives and Supervisors began arriving to investigate.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Patrol and Arkansas Children’s Hospital both called the Child Abuse Hotline.

On December 5th, 2018, Sommer Hyatt, 35 of Saline County was arrested on a bond revocation warrant for failing to comply with court orders and jailed on charges of Felony Attempted Capital Murder, Felony Endangering The Welfare Of A Minor and Felony Introduction Of A Controlled Substance Into The Body Of Another Person.  She was/is being held at the Saline County Jail without bond.