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Morning Star FD Saves Shady Grove House – GARLAND COUNTY

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Morning Star Fire Department incident report for residential fire at 2480 Shady Grove Road in Garland County.

Morning Star Fire Chief Nathan Kew reports the following:

On 11-5-2019 at 1825, MSFD was dispatched to a residential structure fire at 2480 Shady Grove Road.  Lake Hamilton Fire was also dispatched as Automatic Aid. Dispatch advised this was an uninhabited structure and that all utilities had been notified.

MSFD responded with 10 Firefighters, 2 Engines, and a Service Company. LHFD responded with 3 Firefighters and an Engine. Upon arrival at 1834, crews found a single story, single family dwelling, with fire showing from the “Bravo” roof eve and fire coming from the wall near the electrical service to the structure.

Smoke was visibly pushing from roof eves and windows on the other 3 quadrants of the structure. Primary Attack Team made entry through the “Alpha” doorway, while Ventilation Team simultaneously established positive pressure ventilation.

A rapid primary search of the structure confirmed it to be unoccupied. Attack Team was able to make a quick stop on the interior fire spread and remove Sheetrock to access the origin of the fire.

A high voltage meter was utilized to ensure there was no power coming to the structure from the power pole. The power service line to the structure was laying directly on the metal rooftop of the carport.

Once no power was found, Attack Team placed a ladder on the “Bravo” wall to access the attic. Fire had already been knocked down and then began extinguishing remaining hot spots.

At 1846, dispatch was notified that the fire was contained and we would begin overhaul.  Crews continued to extinguish hot spots while the entire structure was ventilated of any remaining smoke. LHFD was released from the scene.

A representative from Entergy arrived on scene and confirmed that power had been completely removed from the structure earlier in the day while another technician was there. During Entergy’s earlier service call to this address, it was stated that after installing the power meter, a fire ensued. The Entergy personnel on scene had used a fire extinguisher to put out the visible fire. They then disengaged the fuse on the power pole itself.

MSFD units returned to service at 1942.

During investigation of cause and origin for this fire, witness statements, prior actions, burn patterns, and fire intensity all lead to the fire starting at the exterior Power Service to the structure. Burn pattern indicates the fire was confined within the “Bravo” exterior wall. Fire appears to have smoldered or slow burned within that wall until breaching the attic and exterior wall. Once fire was able to to breach these points, it then had enough oxygen to free burn. Pictures attached to this report (on file) show all above referenced points. It is my belief this fire was accidental in nature, but ultimately caused by an electrical malfunction.