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Midnight Condo Fire For LHFD And MSFD Fire Troops – GARLAND COUNTY

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

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Lake Hamilton Fire Troops were dispatched to the corner of Hamilton Oaks Drive and Highway 7 South this morning around 12:26AM for the call of a condominium fire.

Garland County 911 Dispatchers automatically dispatched Morning Star Fire Troops to assist.  These 2 fire departments operate under an auto-aid agreement where both departments are dispatched to back each other up on more complex calls that require extra gear and manpower.  I see them auto-dispatched often.  The 2 departments work very well watch, you would think it’s all the same fire department.

A LifeNet Medic helping to pull a fire hose to the fire hydrant about 50 yards away.

It took me about 10 minutes to drive to the scene.  When I arrived, several firefighters were there and had already dressed out, pulled hoses and the LHFD ladder truck was set and making preparations to fire up the water cannon.

MSFD Fire Trucks began arriving right after I did.  They pulled up to the Hamilton Oaks Drive side of the building, jumped out and went to work immediately.

LHFD Fire Chief Doug Davey said during a telephone interview that he very much appreciates the effort put in by everyone that assisted with fighting this fire and that helped at the scene.  Chief Davey said that his department responded with 2 engines, a ladder truck and 12 firefighters, Morning Star FD responded with 1 engine, a ladder truck and 7 firefighters, LifeNet responded with 2 Ambulance Crews, Garland County Office of Emergency Management responded with 1 person and the Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol responded with 10 deputies including Undersheriff Jason Lawrence (the sheriff’s patrol had just finished with a heavy manpower situation that ended peacefully out west in the Fairwood Subdivision).  Entergy and possibly Centerpoint Energy responded to the scene to turn off utilities.

It took about 2 hours to get the fire under control.  This call took a total of approximately 5 hours.

The American Red Cross responded and assisted with securing housing for approximately 35 people that became displaced due to the fire.  At least 2 units were destroyed and a few others at least damaged.  Chief Davey said that once the fire made it into the ceiling, it spread quickly.

No injuries were reported.  However, LifeNet assisted at least 1 person with an issue while on scene.

Chief Davey said that he was not ready to comment on the cause of the fire, but did say that the fire started in unit 301 and that the cause of the fire is under investigation.

4 lanes of Central Avenue were closed during this operation.  Traffic flow was not a problem during this event.