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Meth/Gun Bust At EZ Mart..24 Hours After Being Warned For Same – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant Kellar was on another call at the EZ Mart on Adcock Road Friday Morning around 3AM when he spotted Charles Dale Weatherford, 26, allegedly operating a motor vehicle while his license was suspended.  He knew that Mr. Weatherford’s DL is suspended because 24 hours ago, he gave Mr. Weatherford a big talk and warning about drugs, meth, guns and driving while his DL is suspended.  Sgt. Kellar was telling Mr. Weatherford all about it the night before as Mr. Weatherford was detained, in handcuffs, while watching an acquaintance of his, Robert Alan Golden, 33, as he was arrested, searched and charged with a slew of drug, gun charges.  Go to that scene CLICK HERE.

During this impromptu encounter at the EZ Mart, Sgt. Kellar allegedly discovered a loaded pistol, a small amount of meth ICE and a meth pipe in the possession of Mr. Weatherford.  He also noticed a small caliber bullet hole in the roof of the car, over the front passenger seat.  Evidence at the hole showed that the gun that facilitated the bullet hole was fired from inside the car sometime in the past.

Mr. Weatherford was charged with Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia and Simultaneous Possession Of Drugs and Guns with a bond amount totaling $6,000 and a no bond hold for the Simultaneous charge.

Charles Dale Weatherford, 26 – charged with possession of drugs and meth