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Man Loses His Mind On Dope – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was alerted to a reckless driver on Highway 70 West that had just pulled into the Rafter “R” Parking Lot Thursday Afternoon.  The vehicle was described as a red SUV with the rear glass busted out.  Deputies arrived in the area after a few minutes, but did not locate the red SUV.

Approximately an hour later, Hot Springs Police 911 Dispatch began receiving several calls of a red SUV with a busted out rear window driving like a maniac on Central Avenue in the area of the Hot Springs Mall.

HSPD Officer Smith was in the area and started that way.  As Off. Smith was en route, a motorcycle rider, Logan Wesley (U.S. Marine Corps Veteran), says that he was almost run over by the red SUV.  In Mr. Wesley’s opinion, the man operating the red SUV was an extreme and immediate threat to motorists and something had to be done.  He turned around and followed the suspect vehicle.  The already paranoid suspect, later identified as Brady Hogg, became so panic stricken that a real person really WAS actually following him now, that he allegedly careened into the Clarion Hotel Parking Lot and left approximately 25 feet of dark black skid mark on the pavement before he jumped out and ran from the Marine on foot.

Brady Hogg – allegedly acted very oddly on Thursday

Mr. Wesley stayed with the suspect vehicle which contained a .45 caliber pistol and spent shell casings.  Mr. Wesley was of the opinion that the suspect allegedly fired the weapon as he was driving down the street.

Off. Smith arrived and relieved Mr. Wesley of the car and pistol as other HSPD Officers and LifeNet responded to a residence behind the Clarion Hotel where the suspect had allegedly boarded a boat and armed himself with a boat paddle.  HSPD Sergeant Goss and his associates were able to disarm the man and get him to the LifeNet Crew where they were able to calm him down and put him on a stretcher.  The suspect was eventually transported to the Garland County Detention Center, but was allegedly still so wound up on dope, that the jail refused to admit him.  The suspect was transported to the hospital and when he finally came down, he was issued criminal citations for Public Intoxication and Trespassing.

At one point during this episode, the suspect allegedly stated that he “took some bad bath salts”.