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Man Found Trespassing In Shed with Dope; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer First Class Vanderburg’s report reflects the following:

On 07/01/19 at approximately 2230 hours, officers were on foot in the area of the 400 Block of West Belding looking for a runaway juvenile. Officers heard noises coming from the shed in the 400 Block of West Belding.

I, OFC Vanderburg, knew the shed behind the home to be a problem for the owner due to previous interactions with [the homeowner]. She had stated that she had problems with her sons staying in the shed despite her many efforts to get them to stop. She stated that they (her sons) had several people coming and going from the shed and using narcotics. She had made several efforts to screw and block the door shut however her sons kept ripping the door open to stay in it.

I made contact with the persons in the shed and they were identified as Travon Coleman, [and two females]. Coleman showed to be banned from the residence by HSPD Dispatch. Coleman was one of the persons [the homeowner] had specifically stated, to me prior, she wanted to pursue charges against should he come back.

Travon Cortez Coleman, 19, of Hobson Avenue in Hot Springs – allegedly found trespassing in a shed, with two females, and dope

Coleman began reaching into his pocket while officers were speaking to him and acting nervous. He was asked to stop reaching into his pocket and appeared to become increasingly nervous. When asked if he had a weapon he states “yes” (it was later determined to be a pocket knife). I asked to check his pockets and he stated yes. Coleman was discovered to have a small baggie with three separate baggies containing a white crystalline substance to be known to me due to my experience as methamphetamine (total weight of the baggies 1.4gs). He was advised of his Miranda Rights at that time.

Contact was made with [the homeowner] (inside the residence) who stated she did wish to pursue charges on Coleman. He was transported to the Garland County Detention Center and charged accordingly.

Once at the GCDC Coleman became increasingly uncooperative stating he wanted to kill himself and hit his head on the wall. Officers were unable to ask him any questions at that time.

Travon Cortez Coleman is charged with Criminal Trespass and Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance with a bond amount totaling $3,000.