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Man Breaks Into Residence While Homeowners Are Home – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

On 6/19/2016, Hot Springs Police Officers responded to a possible breaking or entering in progress in the 200 Block of Chitwood Street.

Officer Savage arrived on the scene and saw the homeowner of a neighboring home pointing toward a different neighboring residence and stated “he went back there.” Officer Savage along with Officer West of the Hot Springs Police Department, proceeded to the rear of the home that the neighbor had pointed out to them. While officers were en route to the rear door of the residence they began hearing a female screaming from inside the residence. The officers then proceeded to the front of the residence where they encountered the homeowner of that residence who was screaming “he’s in my house!”.

Giorgio Shaw, 18 of Hot Springs…reportedly broke into a residence and changed into a t-shirt belonging to the victim’s son

Officer West along with Corporal Wacaster entered the home and allegedly discovered Giorgio Shaw, 18, of Hot Springs, inside the home walking into the living room from the hallway wearing a t-shirt belonging to the victim’s son. Officers immediately detained Mr. Shaw. Officer West performed a search of Mr. Shaw’s person, allegedly revealing several U.S. silver certificate one dollar, two dollar, and five dollar bills from his front left pocket. Officers asked the victim if she owned any silver certificate U.S. currency. The victim indicated she had several one, two, and five dollar bills that were bundled in twenty-five dollar increments.

The victim positively identified the property as being hers.

Officer Savage then spoke with the original caller who identified Mr. Shaw as the suspect that had allegedly attempted to force entry into her brother’s truck. The original caller continued to explain that she allegedly witnessed Mr. Shaw in her driveway hitting her brother’s 2005 Chevy Truck’s side window with a rock. When she came out and made contact with Mr. Shaw he allegedly proceeded to flee the scene toward the neighbors home that he entered. She stated she lost sight of him as he fled behind the victim’s home.

Mr. Shaw was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center.

He is charged with Criminal Trespass a Class B Misdemeanor and Residential Burglary a Class B Felony.

Mr. Shaw also had a Failure To Appear Warrant for his arrest.

His bond was set at $8,250.00.

Mr. Shaw has since either been released or bonded out of jail.