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Malvern City Council Renews LifeNet’s Contract for Ambulance Services – MALVERN

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Press Release – LifeNet, Inc. (Tina Bell, Director of Marketing and Public Relations)

Malvern City Council Renews LifeNet’s Contract for Ambulance Services

During their meeting Monday night, the Malvern City Council approved the bid from LifeNet, Inc. to continue providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the citizens of Malvern.

The company has provided ambulance service to the city under contract since June 1, 2014. That contract expired this year, and the council considered bids received from LifeNet and another ambulance service provider.  Last night, the council voted 5-3 to renew LifeNet’s contract.

“We are honored the city council has reviewed all bids and has once again selected LifeNet to be the EMS service provider for the citizens of Malvern,” said Jason Gartner, General Manager of LifeNet’s Hot Springs Division, which includes Malvern and portions of Hot Spring County. “When LifeNet was first awarded the Malvern contract in 2014, the city established performance standards.  We met or exceeded those standards every reporting period, and we will continue to do that.”

LifeNet is a non-profit ambulance service committed to providing quality out-of-hospital medical care and transportation wile treating all patients with compassion, respect, and honesty.

“Our dispatchers, EMTs, and paramedics are truly committed to making a positive impact on the patients they transport. Our overall customer satisfaction score in Malvern over the last five years of 90.84 reflects that,” said Tommy Singleton, Director of Operations for LifeNet in Malvern. “We want the citizens of Malvern to know they can contact us anytime there is a concern about the services they receive.  Putting the patient first is at the heart of everything we do.”

LifeNet will continue to provide three Advanced Life Support (ALS) units in the city, along with a reserve ALS unit.  LifeNet currently operates out of a station located at 108 N. Main Street in Malvern.

“All of our ground ambulances are ALS units, meaning they are staffed with a paramedic and an EMT. This ensures that in the event a non-emergency call becomes emergent or critical, the patient will receive the advanced level of care without delay. Paramedics can administer advanced medications and medical care in line with our advanced protocols,” said Singleton.

To help citizens learn more about the services LifeNet provides, residents are invited to attend the company’s annual membership drive and community barbeque scheduled for Thursday, July 11 from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at their station.

“Our annual barbeque is our way of not only letting citizens learn more about the benefits of our membership program, but it also allows the entire community the opportunity to tour our station, meet our medical crews, and learn more about the services available on our ambulances,” said Singleton.

LifeNet memberships are available for $75 a year and cover most out-of-pocket expenses related to medical transport.  Patients without insurance coverage receive a 40 percent discount on ambulance transport bills.

To learn more about LifeNet EMS, visit

LifeNet Paramedics Justin Jones and Brad Chunn are assigned to LifeNet’s Malvern Post.