Arkansas 911 News

LifeNet Air Crew Responds To Serious 4-Wheeler Crash – PEARCY

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Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant Kellar and his associates were dispatched to around the 2000 Block of South Pearcy Road last night in reference to a serious 4-wheeler injury crash that took place approximately 200 ft. up a dirt road from the pavement.

Why the crash occurred was unknown at the time.  A witness at the scene told me that the victim’s girlfriend was worried because he hadn’t made it home on time.  She drove around looking for him and found him here, unresponsive.

70 West Fire & Rescue Troops arrived quickly and assisted as necessary.

LifeNet dispatched an Ambulance Crew, the EMS Supervisor and the Air Crew to assist.  The helicopter was able to land very close to where the victim was found.

GCSO Sergeant Kellar ordered the street closed to all traffic and off-duty LifeNet Flight Paramedic and 70 West Fire/Rescue Supervisor Bobby King assisted with landing the helicopter over the radio from the ground.  The patient was transported by helicopter to the hospital.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 20 minutes.