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Lake Hamilton FD Presents Halloween In The Park – HOT SPRING COUNTY

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Saturday Night, the Lake Hamilton Fire Troops and Arkansas State Park Service joined forces to put on a Halloween Festival for the whole family at Lake Catherine State Park outside of the Diamondhead Community.

According to Lake Hamilton Fire Troops this event has been going on for about the last 14 years.

This event draws around 600 or more people to the park on beautiful nights like last night and around 350 on nights when the weather isn’t so cooperative.

The festival usually takes place about two weeks before Halloween.

I was told last night that Lake Catherine State Park campers book almost a year in advance for this event.

The park was booked solid for this weekend and next year looks to be the same.

There were lots of things to do at the event including Pumpkin Wagon Rides, quilt drawings, free food and drinks.

When I got there, the park was packed with families and they were all having a good time.

The State Park Rangers were out in full force to ensure the safety of those that came out to enjoy the festival.

Plenty of Lake Hamilton Fire Troops were on hand to assist everyone with having a great time.

Just because the most of the fire troops were out doesn’t mean that they weren’t ready for an emergency.

Lake Hamilton Fire Troops manning the station during the festivities – just in case they are needed to respond to a call for help

I was told that the fire troops were ready to go at a moments notice to respond to the call to save lives.

Lake Hamilton also had a few of there fire troops on standby at the main fire station.

Lake Hamilton Fire Department and Lake Catherine State Park looks forward to next years Halloween In The Park.

If you didn’t get to go last night, make plans for your family and friends to attend next years festival even if it is just to say “hi” and “thank you” to our local Heroes.