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Injury Motorcycle Crash At Taco Pronto – HOT SPRINGS

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Hot Springs Police Officer Plyler investigated a single vehicle, injury, motorcycle crash on Central Avenue in front of Taco Pronto yesterday.

Witnesses at the scene said that the motorcycle attempted to stop rather than run the yellow light, but instead of the bike stopping suddenly as intended, the front wheel “locked up” and the motorcycle did an end-o, flipped upside down and crashed itself onto the pavement.

Hot Springs Fire Troops responded quickly and assisted as necessary.

LifeNet dispatched an ambulance crew and transported the injured rider to the hospital with non-life threatening injury.  His riding buddy (on a separate bike) stayed to handle the bike and help the police.

Motorcycle experts at the scene were saying that it was strange how the ABS equipped brakes would lock up like that.  I don’t generally like the big Harley type bikes, but this one was a very nice bike.  The experts at the scene estimate that the damage amount for just dropping this bike could be as high as $5,000.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 15 minutes.