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Injury Motorcycle Crash; Goldwing Vs. Doberman Pinscher – HOT SPRING COUNTY

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Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Keding investigated an injury crash this weekend on Highway 270 near Diamond Joe’s where 1 of the largest motorcycles made struck a very big dog in a traffic lane.  The dog was so big, it was called in as a deer crash.

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Evidence at the scene showed that the motorcycle was traveling west when it suddenly struck a large dog, killing the Doberman Pinscher instantly.  The force of the collision made the rider lose control.  The motorcycle laid down and it, and the rider, slid along the highway at approximately 50 Mph, the posted speed limit for this area.  Another motorcycle rider at the scene stated that the dog struck his foot a moment before the Goldwing (he was riding with) crashed.

Morning Star Fire & Rescue Troops arrived quickly and assisted as necessary.  MSFD Captain Thompson showed me the helmet that the rider was wearing at the time of impact.  He said that he is convinced that the helmet saved this rider’s life.  Capt. Thompson said that the damage done to the helmet when it hit the street would have absolutely caused head injury.  Capt. Thompson said that the rider was sitting up and talking to the First Responders during this episode.  He says that probably would not have been the case if that helmet was not in use.

LifeNet dispatched an Ambulance Crew to the scene.  They transported the patient to a hospital in Hot Springs.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 45 minutes.