Arkansas 911 News

Injury Entrapment Crash In Delivery Truck; Majestic Lodge Road – GARLAND COUNTY

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Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Dodge investigated a single vehicle injury, entrapment crash on Majestic Lodge Road Tuesday Afternoon.

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Evidence at the scene showed that the delivery truck was westbound when it exited the right side of the pavement and struck a utility pole.  The collision with the pole split it in 2 pieces near the ground.  The rear of the truck slid down an embankment and the front of the truck was stuck to the pole.  The driver got out of the vehicle, but the injured passenger was trapped in his seat.

70 West Fire & Rescue Troops led by Chief Autumn Carlisle arrived quickly with all the right gear and was ready to go to work, but they had to wait for Entergy Troops to arrive and make the scene safe.

Entergy Trucks arrived and took positions around the wreckage.  1 of the Entergy Trucks had a crane boom device they raised.  It had a gripper that grabbed the top of the pole and hung on so it wouldn’t fall.  The other Entergy Truck had a worker in a bucket that went up in the air.  It’s exact function was unknown to me, but it looked like the regular bucket truck they go up in to cut power from the pole.

Arkansas State Police arrived quickly and assisted as needed.

LifeNet dispatched at least 1 Ambulance Crew and the EMS Supervisor.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery took charge of the wreckage and removed it from the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for at least 3 hours.