Arkansas 911 News

Injury Crash Albert Pike/Royal Pit Stop – GARLAND COUNTY

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Early this afternoon Arkansas State Troopers Summit and Whitney investigated a head-on injury crash on Highway 270W in front of the Royal Pit Stop.

Evidence at the scene suggested that the red Dodge Truck and the blue Pontiac collided at or near the intersection of Highway 270W and Oak Grove Road.

The front of the red Dodge struck the front drivers side of the blue Pontiac.

The blue Pontiac came to final rest up against the fence at the storage buildings on the eastbound side of Albert Pike.

The red Dodge came to final rest on the dirt shoulder of the road just east of Oak Grove Road

Piney Fire Troops responded and had to cut the driver out of the blue Pontiac.  They also treated the occupants of the red Dodge and performed other on scene tasks as necessary.

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LifeNet dispatched 2 Ambulance Crews and the EMS Supervisor to the scene.

At least 2 patients were transported to a local hospital.

Pete Hill’s Wrecker took charge of and removed the red Dodge truck from the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 10 minutes.