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HSPD Vehicle Pursuit; “Operation Ice Storm” “Victim” Captured – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police on patrol in the area of Magic Springs Friday, allegedly observed a wanted person operating a stolen vehicle.

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At some point during the encounter, the 1985’ish Chevy Blazer fled from the officer.  A pursuit was announced over the radio and other units quickly converged in the area.

It was a short lived pursuit that ended when the suspect vehicle got to the Kelton Street/East Grand Access Road Intersection and somehow managed to spin the Blazer 360° at least once at the stop sign, cross the East Grand Access Road and roll backwards up a hill before rolling back down the hill and coming to final rest at the roadside with a dead engine.

The driver, identified as James Meeks, was wanted out of Garland County on warrants stemming from “Operation Ice Storm”.  CLICK HERE to see the press conference describing that operation.

An unidentified passenger in the vehicle was also arrested at the scene on outstanding warrant(s).

At least 1 of the occupants fled on foot when the suspect vehicle came to a stop.  whoever ran was quickly caught in a nearby creek bed.

No injuries were reported in connection to this event that I am aware of.