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HSPD Vehicle Pursuit Follows Disturbance On Cones Road; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Sergeant Zaner was en route to assist his officers with a disturbance in the Cones Road area Monday Night when an officer at the scene reported over the police radio that a black Dodge Charger had just left the area.  The suspect was reportedly in the Charger and driving west on Lowery Street.

Sgt. Zaner just so happened to see a black Dodge Charger on Lowery Street seconds after the message went out.  The Charger allegedly began to drive approximately 60 Mph on Mote Street as Sgt. Zaner was attempting to stop the car with lights and siren activated.

The Charger continued to flee through the area until it came to a controlled stop at the dead end of Highland Street behind the Oaklawn Race Track.  Sgt. Zaner and his associates conducted a felony traffic stop.  They removed 2 people from the car, handcuffed and detained them both.

Matthew LaRon Samuel, 18, of Red Fern Place in Garland County – allegedly fleeing in a vehicle from police while his DL is suspended.

It wasn’t long before the female was released.  However, the alleged driver, Matthew LaRon Samuel, 18, of Red Fern Place in Garland County, was arrested, transported to the Garland County Detention Center and charged with Fleeing and Driving While DL Suspended.  His Bond amount totals $3,500.