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HSPD SWAT Team Serves Warrant On Hermlee Street; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

UPDATE 11/20/2020: For the details of this operation/arrest CLICK HERE.

Details are slim at this point; no statement has been made by police as of yet.

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Hot Springs Police utilized their SWAT Team yesterday (presumably to serve a search warrant) at a residence on the corner of Hermlee Street and Elice Circle yesterday afternoon.

I arrived to find that HSPD had Hermlee Street blocked at Barron Street.  No coming or going due to safety/security concerns.  I snapped a pic of the HSPD Command Post vehicle that was parked on Barron Street and then I departed the scene to handle other business around town.

Approximately an hour later, the suspect allegedly fled from the residence.  A neighbor that I spoke with, later in the evening, told me that the suspect allegedly departed the house in a vehicle, went around the corner, crashed into the woods and ran West into the woods on foot.  However, this has not been confirmed.

What IS confirmed is that I returned to the area and found HSPD Officers on Higdon Ferry Road near the Twin Points Road Intersection.  They had just intercepted the suspect when he popped out of the woods at a storage unit facility very near where he entered the woods on Elice Circle.

When I arrived on Higdon Ferry Road, it looked like the suspect was cooperating.  He was handcuffed, searched and transported back to the target house on Hermlee Street as part of the investigation.

HSPD Detectives and other investigators and agents went around the property and in the house.  They conducted a traffic stop right at the scene for some reason.  That vehicle and it’s occupants were allowed to leave.

Hot Springs Fire Troops arrived to assist with clearing the tear gas out of the target house.

I spoke with Officer First Class Cervantes (Public Information Officer) at the scene.  He was not ready to release details of the event, but did indicate that a press release or arrest report (or both) would be available today (Friday).

No injuries were reported that I am aware of.