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HSPD SID/SWAT Narcotics Raid On Woodlawn Ave. – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Special Investigations Division (SID) and the SWAT Team executed a narcotics search warrant at a residence in the 700 Block of Woodlawn Avenue Friday around 6AM.

Details about the operation were not available Friday.  However, it was confirmed that SWAT Troops did set off “flash bang” grenades in the residence as SWAT took the house.  This is a common practice used during police raids.  The sudden shock of the explosions stuns everyone in the house just long enough for officers to maintain the upper hand and secure all suspects before they have a chance to react to the takeover.  Unlike military grenades, police flashing devices do not throw shrapnel when exploded, they only produce light, smoke and a very loud bang sound.

Arrested during the raid were the following: Joshua Wayne Summitt, 34; Lori Ann Donnor, 59; Leah Kay Wright, 44; Michelle Lee Holmes, 49.  All of these suspects were charged with the following: Possession Of A Schedule Iv Or Schedule V Controlled Substance With The Purpose To Deliver Bond: 2,500.00 Possession Of A Schedule Vi Controlled Substance With Purpose To Deliver Bond: 1,000.00 Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Bond: 5,000.00 Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Bond: 2,500.00 Possession Of Methamphetamine Or Cocaine With Purpose To Deliver Bond: 3,500.00 Theft By Receiving Bond: 2,500.00 Theft By Receiving Bond: 3,500.00 Unauthorized Use Another Person Property To Facilitate A Crime Bond: 5,000.00.  The bond amount for each of these suspects (excluding Ms. Wright) totals $25,500.

Leah Kay Wright was also charged with 1st Degree Endangering The Welfare Of A Minor.  Her bond amount totals $28,000.

A 5th person was detained during the operation.  I believe that this 5th person may be a juvenile.  The disposition on this 5th person is not known to me.  The pic of this 5th person is not being published at this time.

Joshua Wayne Summitt, 34 – arrested during drug raid

Lori Ann Donnor, 59 – arrested during drug raid

Leah Kay Wright, 44 – arrested during drug raid

Michelle Lee Holmes, 49 – arrested during drug raid