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HSHS Campus: “Weapon” Confiscated..1st Week Of School – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

(The item (weapon) confiscated is not identified in this release.)

(This release does not indicate whether the juvenile was arrested or not.)

Shared from the HOT SPRINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT Facebook Page:

This message is being posted to inform you of an incident involving the Hot Springs World Class High School campus.

On August 18, administrators learned and acted upon a weapon’s report at the school. Law enforcement was notified and the weapon safely confiscated.

Due to the juvenile status of the student, confidentiality prevents further information from being released concerning the incident.

As with all matters of safety, the district has taken this issue very seriously and acted accordingly. In an ongoing process of monitoring, reviewing and updating safety procedures and polices, Hot Springs World Class High School will be implementing a newly outlined procedure that will be sent home with each high school student.