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Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery; Award Winning Customer Service – GARLAND COUNTY

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David Holcomb opened Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery in June of 2008 with a 13 year old, used wrecker truck and an 8 year old rollback tow truck.  Holcomb’s has been in business just short of 10 years and has been awarded with the coveted AAA 2017 “Champions of Service” Competition prize.

Owner David Holcomb – Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery

AAA Representatives met with David and his staff late last year to present the trophy and a check for $2,500.00.  David accepted the awards and announced that the cash prize was to be divided up evenly between his 7 employees as their Christmas bonus checks.

The Champions of Service competition was held among all AAA Service Providing Wrecker Companies in Arkansas.  Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery is the #1, AAA priority provider for Garland County.  The contest was based on customer satisfaction survey results.

David Holcomb Recovers a vehicle from the bottom of Lake Hamilton with his company’s medium duty wrecker truck.

David has come a long way since his first 2 tow trucks hit the street.  Today, he employs 7 people, runs 10 trucks including: 5 rollback wreckers, 1 light duty wrecker, 1 medium duty wrecker, 1 heavy duty wrecker and 2 service trucks.  Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery can tow and assist everything from a scooter to a fully loaded 18-wheeler and they do it all 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

All of Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery drivers and trucks are dispatched digitally and are connected to each other and the shop by internet, cell phone and 2 way radios for fast, streamlined communication and better response times.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery also won The Sentinel Record’s “Best Tow Company of 2017” which is another customer input based competition.

David would like to thank AAA and the customers that participated in the customer satisfaction survey leading up to the end of the competition.  He says that he and his staff try to do everything the right way, does their best to make sure people are happy with the service they provide and believes that everything else just falls into place.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery’s award winning service is only a phone call away…plug it into your phone now – 501 767 9999 or tell that Garland County Law Enforcement Officer that you want Holcomb’s to come help.