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Hand Grenades Found..Homes Evacuated – GARLAND COUNTY

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Press Release – GARLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT (Sergeant John Schroeder)

On Thursday 09/29/2016 at approximately 1353 hours the Garland County Sheriff’s Office received a call of possible live hand grenades being located on a construction site at 100 Pogue Lane. Upon arrival deputies located what appeared to be multiple live hand grenades. The United States Air Force 19th Explosive Ordinance Disposal Flight was contacted and evacuations of the immediate area were made with a perimeter established to protect the public.


Then at approximately 1536 hours Cpl. Stone was flagged down in the 700 block of Elkhorn Loop by a citizen who said his son had been working at 100 Pogue Lane and had brought home one of the hand grenades, which he currently had in the cup holder of his vehicle. A perimeter was immediately established around the vehicle and evacuations of homes in the area were made for public safety. Chief Deputy Jason Lawrence stated, “It appeared that the grenades were of the MK2 variant, also known as pineapple grenades. These grenades have seen prolific use in U.S. theatres of war since World War 1 through Vietnam.”

Members of the U.S. Air Force 19th EOD Flight arrived at 100 Pogue Lane at approximately 1608 hours and secured the grenades for their safe removal. They were able to x-ray the grenades and found them to be inert duplicates. They then proceeded to the 700 block of Elkhorn Loop and secured the hand grenade from the vehicle and determined that it was also an inert duplicate.