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Gunfire…Alleged Armed Convicted Dope Dealer With 30 Grams Of Meth; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Writer Amanda Goodman

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

On 10/02/19 Officer Davis was patrolling the area of Valley Street and West Belding Street.  Around 9:10PM he allegedly heard four gunshots in the area of Gaines Street.  While driving toward the sound, he allegedly heard six more shots fired.  As he was nearing Lincoln Street and Clay Street, he allegedly saw a silver Honda Accord stopped at the intersection and heard 2 more shots fired that seemed to come from the direction of the car.

The car allegedly sped off at a high rate of speed.  Off. Davis attempted to catch up.  The car turned on to Clay Street, then made a left on to Williams Street.  As Off. Davis was approaching Williams Street he allegedly saw the car driving at an extremely high rate of speed through a parking lot off Malvern Avenue.  The vehicle turned left on to Malvern Avenue and Off. Davis attempted to stop the car.

While following the car, Off. Davis was able to determine that the license plate on the car belonged to a person that had multiple felony warrants.

When the car finally stopped at a residence on Blake Street, Off. Davis arrested the driver, Christopher Hambrick, 35, of Weston Road in Hot Springs (a convicted felon).  Convicted Felon Hambrick’s information was run through the police computer and was determined to have a valid Failure To Comply warrant through HSPD.

Convicted Felon Christopher Hambrick, 35, of Weston Road in Hot Springs – stopped by police allegedly in possession of a loaded gun, extra ammo, weed, 30 grams of meth, and a scale after gunfire was heard from the direction of his car.

When officers were making sure there was no one else in the vehicle, they allegedly saw a small baggie containing 2 grams of weed, in plain view, in the center console.  A more thorough search of the car was conducted and officers allegedly found a black and silver Smith & Wesson 9mm loaded with 16 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber, a clear plastic bag with several smaller clear plastic baggies inside it, a black digital scale, and a clear bag containing 29.9 grams of meth under the driver’s seat.  Additional 9mm ammo was also allegedly found in the center console.

Convicted Felon Hambrick was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center.  He is charged with Felony Simultaneous Possession Of Drugs And Firearms, Felony Possession Of Meth Or Cocaine With Purpose To Deliver, Felony Unauthorized Use Of Another Person’s Property To Facilitate A Crime, Felony Possession Of A Firearm By Certain Persons, Felony Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia x2, Possession Of A Sched. VI Controlled Substance With Purpose To Deliver, was served with a warrant of arrest for Failure To Comply and issued a traffic citation for Carless And Prohibited Driving with a bond amount totaling $31,000.

Convicted Dope Dealer Hambrick’s prior convictions include:

3/2015: Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Intent To Deliver

4/2011: Felony Manufacture/Deliver/Possession Of Less Than 10 Pounds Of Marijuana

4/2011: Felony Failure To Appear

4/2011: Felony Manufacture/Deliver/”Possess With Intent To Deliver CFT Schedule 4″