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Governor’s Statement: Satanic Statue At Capitol Not Permanent – LITTLE ROCK

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Pic of the statue found at (BP Photo by Caleb Yarbrough)

Public Release – Arkansas Government (Governor Asa Hutchinson)

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

Misinformation has continued to spread across social media this week that a satanic statue has been placed on the state capitol grounds in Little Rock. That is simply not true.

The group that planned last week’s rally at the capitol brought its statue as part of its protest. The statue left the capitol on the same flat-bed truck that brought it here. At no time was the statue ever removed from the trailer. The protesters came. They protested. They left—with the statue. And very few people even noticed.

Under Act 274 of 2017, a monument cannot be constructed on or removed from the State Capitol grounds unless authorized by an act of the General Assembly. For this to occur, a member of the legislature must file a bill, and that bill must be approved by both the House and Senate during a legislative session.

The General Assembly has not passed a bill to authorize such a statue on the Capitol grounds, nor is there any support to do so.

The satanic statue that was brought to the AR Capitol