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GCSO Patrol Deputy Saves A Life With Tourniquet – GARLAND COUNTY

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Press Release – GARLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT (Sergeant John Schroeder)

Garland County Sheriff’s Deputy Saves a Life

On January 26th at approximately 12:50 a.m., Garland County 911 Communication Center received a call of a citizen who was cut on the arm and bleeding profusely. Deputy Morgan arrived on scene, and upon entering the residence found an unresponsive citizen on the floor. Deputy Morgan’s quick reaction applying his department issued tourniquet is being credited with saving the citizen’s life. The application of the tourniquet stopped critical blood loss allowing time for EMS to arrive and transport the citizen to the hospital safely.

Sheriff McCormick stated, “Emerging trends in law enforcement have shown that the use of tourniquets saves lives for both law enforcement and civilians.” He further stated, “This is not the first time that a tourniquet has been deployed to save a life by Garland County deputies, and I am convinced that this tool will continue to prove itself invaluable for the deputies and citizens of Garland County.”

Sheriff McCormick and Undersheriff Lawrence mandate that uniformed deputies who have received tourniquet training are required to wear the tourniquet as a part of their duty belt.