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ACC Identifies The Parolee that Was Shot By Deputy – GARLAND COUNTY

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

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Officer Involved Shooting, Absconding Parolee Shot By Deputy Sheriff At Scrubbies

A dangerous situation early this morning (11/27/2018) in Hot Springs. Garland County Deputies in two patrol units spotted a stolen Mitsubishi in a bay at a local car wash. With their emergency lights on, the deputies tried to block the stolen car, but the driver put it in reverse and rammed one patrol unit. He then went forward toward a deputy who fired shots into the Mitsubishi’s windshield.

Armed Fleeing Absconding Parolee Dillon Ellis, 22, of Hot Springs – messed with the wrong cops and got shot with a government issued bullet in Garland County. Allegedly.

The suspect is Dillon Ellis, 22, a parole absconder who’s been in prison for fleeing, theft of property and theft by receiving. Ellis was injured and was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

When he’s released, he will be taken to jail on the abscond warrant and new felony charges for firearm possession and theft by receiving. More charges could follow.

The deputy whose car was rammed was also taken the hospital, and he’s expected to be okay. The pictures are courtesy of Arkansas 911 News and the information is from the Garland County Sheriff’s Department.