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GCSO Capt. Cosgrove AJA Nat’l. Correctional Supervisor Of The Year – GARLAND COUNTY

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Press Release – GARLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT (Sergeant John Schroeder)

HOT SPRINGS, AR – Garland County Sheriff Mike McCormick today announced that Capt. Belinda Cosgrove has been named the national correctional supervisor of the year by the American Jail Association.

Capt. Belinda Cosgrove – American Jail Association’s National Correctional Supervisor of the Year

“This is a great honor and accomplishment for Capt. Cosgrove and the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. I am extremely proud that her hard work and dedication are being recognized on a national stage,” Sheriff McCormick said. “Capt. Cosgrove sets an excellent example and embodies the hard work of the employees and volunteers who have created such a success story at the Garland County Detention Center.”
“This award validates that we as a department are moving towards the goals that our community set for us when they voted to build this facility,” said Capt. Cosgrove who is Operation Commander of the Detention Center. “While we exist to carry out the sentences of the court system, we also exist to give a hand up to those in our community who need course corrections in order to become successful and vibrant contributing members of our society.”

Capt. Cosgrove’s successful career with the Garland County Sheriff’s Department began October 1, 1996 and on January 1, 2017, Sheriff McCormick promoted her to the rank of captain, making her the first female to serve at that rank within the GCSD. Capt. Cosgrove was the first woman in Arkansas to receive Certified Jail Manager status through the American Jail Association and she is the first Sheriff’s Department Detention Center employee to be appointed by the governor to serve on the Arkansas Coalition of Juvenile Justice Board. In addition to her duties and responsibilities within the GCSD, Capt. Cosgrove also serves as vice chair for the Ouachita Children’s Center.

Capt. Cosgrove will receive the Correctional Supervisor of the Year award on April 24 at the AJA’s 37th Annual Conference and Jail Expo in Sacramento, Calif. She was nominated for this by Garland County Detention Center’s Chief Deputy Steven Elrod and was chosen from among jail and detention center supervisors throughout the country. Capt. Cosgrove is responsible for overseeing the Alternative Sentencing Unit, Juvenile Detention Center, Classification, Health Services, Food Services, Programs, Services and Volunteers at the Garland County Detention Center. Under her leadership, the detention center offers more than 20 programs and has more than 100 volunteers.