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Free Money For 1 Garland County Woman..15 Counts Of Forgery; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police responded to the EZ-Mart 4600 Central Avenue for the report of 15 felony forgery complaints involving money orders and a store employee.

The manager of the store allegedly says that during a check of the books, his employee, Emily Peterson, 30, of Morphew Road in Garland County, created the transactions, but did not pay for the money orders.  The 15 money orders were allegedly either made out to Ms. Peterson or in some way referenced her on the forged documents.  3 of the money orders appear to have been used for car payments, 2 for apartment rent, 1 to a 3rd person for an unknown reason and the rest were made out to Ms. Peterson.

Emily Peterson, 30, of Morphew Road in Garland County – allegedly stole over $5,000 from her employer.

The store was able to provide copies of each money order and video of Ms. Peterson creating the transactions.

The total amount of the alleged forgeries is $5,305.

Ms. Peterson is charged with Felony Forgery x15 and Theft Of Property with a bond amount totaling $18,500.