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Fleeing Mall Thieves Ram HSPD Tahoe; Arrest x2 – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

(The ADR lists the alleged driver of the suspect vehicle as Dayneisha Goins.  The narrative in the officer’s report refers to her as Dayneisha Hill.)

Hot Springs Police Officer Brown was on patrol in the Hot Springs Mall Parking Lot last week just before noon when he allegedly observed 2 females run from JC Penny’s carrying a large amount of clothing.  The clothes were still on hangars (not in shopping bags) and several items were being dropped along the way.

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The suspects allegedly hastily jammed all of the clothing into a black Chevrolet Malibu and got in the car as Off. Brown arrived.  He turned on all the police lights and parked in front of the Malibu.  As the officer exited his unit and began issuing verbal commands, the driver of the Malibu, Dayneisha Hill/Goins allegedly rammed the police car causing approximately $1,000 in damage.  After impact, the suspect vehicle allegedly fled through the parking lot striking another parked car (approximately $5,000 in damage) and continued northbound in a reckless manner through the parking lot.

Dayneisha Hill/Goins, 27 of Sherwood, with an accomplice, allegedly stole over $2,800 worth of merchandise from the HS Mall, rammed a police car and crashed into another vehicle before being arrested in the mall parking lot last week.

The suspect vehicle attempted to turn onto Central Avenue, but was blocked by backed up traffic.  Both suspects allegedly abandoned the car and fled on foot.  Officer Brown quickly caught up to the suspects.  They were both stopped and arrested under threat of tazer.

The alleged passenger in this episode initially gave a false name and date of birth.  Later at HSPD Headquarters, the passenger was identified as Kierra Lyons.

The total amount of merchandise recovered totals over $2,800.

Ms. Hill/Goins is charged with Felony Theft Of Property, Felony Criminal Mischief x2 and Fleeing.  Her bond amount totals $6,000.

Ms. Lyons charges are not known.