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Fleeing DWI Suspect Allegedly Rams GCSO Sergeant’s Unit; Felony Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Corporal Hawthorn was on patrol in the area of North Shore Drive last Sunday Morning around 2:20AM when he allegedly observed a red Chevrolet truck traveling very slowly on a public street.

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When they reached the stop sign at the intersection of North Shore Drive and Marion Anderson Road, the red truck did a U-turn.  When the trucks lights illuminated the writing on the side of the sheriff’s unit, the driver allegedly accelerated hard enough to leave black tire marks on the pavement and sped off.

Cpl. Hawthorn attempted to stop the suspect vehicle, but quickly lost sight of it.  Several other sheriff’s units were already in this neighborhood on official business.  They immediately began searching for this suspect vehicle.  GCSO Patrol Deputy Yarbrough found the truck and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.  The truck allegedly fled through a yard almost striking Cpl. Hawthorn’s unit.

The suspect allegedly fled through stop signs and zipped around the 25 Mph Warpath Road/Cochise Road neighborhood area at speeds of at least 70 Mph, according to the report.  The deputies lost sight of him again.  Deputy Yarbrough quickly found him again on Gene Bell Cove.  The suspect took off again and made a run for South Shore Road…..where all the other deputies were sitting and waiting.

The suspect vehicle allegedly rammed GCSO Patrol Sergeant Simpson’s unit and continued west to the Marion Anderson Road.  Once the pursuit reached the Marion Anderson Intersection,  Sgt. Simpson buried his patrol vehicle into the driver’s door of the suspect vehicle and put the fleeing truck off the road and out of commission.

As the driver was allegedly making a move to flee out the passenger side of the suspect vehicle, Cpl. Hawthorn parked next to the passenger side of the suspect vehicle, which trapped the suspect inside the passenger compartment.

Paul Andrew Clark, 24, of Music Mountain Road in Garland County – allegedly rammed a sheriff’s patrol sergeant’s vehicle during a DWI pursuit.

Paul Andrew Clark, 24, of Music Mountain Road, was arrested.  A pistol and Rx pill bottles were removed from the suspect vehicle.

Mr. Clark is charged with Felony Aggravated Assault, Felony Fleeing, Theft Of Property, Reckless Driving, DWI and Leaving The Scene Of A Property Damage Accident with a bond amount totaling $5,000.